TRANSATEL Mobile - Offers Data multi-country. The Mobile expatriate package portable multi-country call for cheaper in the Benelux in the national internationally in the World
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 Multi country Mobile phone Benelux Sim card.

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TRANSATEL : multi country mobile phone Benelux sim card
Call cheaper in the Benelux and in Europe with your mobile phone...

Benelux, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, England

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  Transatel Mobile

   Present your firm - What is Transatel Mobile?

Transatel Mobile was created in January 2002 and promotes mobile phone bundles for people who travel a lot between France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. This service allows its customers to benefit from discounts from 30% to 100% on roaming costs, on voice, text messages and also Internet Mobile. Transatel Mobile plans to extend its service to Germany and the United-Kingdom.

  For who is the Transatel Mobile offer interesting?

The Transatel Mobile offer is destined to frequent travellers and border residents, who use their mobile phone regularly in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Transatel Mobile proposes 2 ranges of multi-country offers: WorldPass" (international offer) and MultiPass (Multi-country offer), the all inclusive multi-country offer. Transatel Mobile thinks about individuals and companies . even the smallest and offers discounts from the 2nd line subscribed.

  What are the key benefits of the Transatel Mobile multi-country offer?

The Transatel Mobile system makes it possible to call at a local rate in several countries thanks to a multi-country device. This consists of having a telephone number per country all programmed on one and the same SIM card. So the Transatel mobile multi-country subscription has some unique advantages for you:

- Save 30% to 70% on your outgoing calls made in roaming from France,
Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
- Receive your calls for free in the chosen countries
- Consult your voicemail for free in the chosen countries
- Keep your former phone numbers free of cost

And in addition: The multi-country data option to access Mobile Internet at a local tariff in the chosen country

   How to subscribe to Transatel Mobile?

By contacting one of our advisors: Go to the form   or   Request information


LeFrenchMobile A French pay-as-you-go SIM card to save big on your calls !

Belgium: Fixed and mobile internationals calls to the entire European Union, the USA, China and 9 other countries INCLUDED. Towards international: from Belgium to the 28 countries of the EU + USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Israel, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Singapore (to fixed and mobile). While abroad, and from all countries of the European Union. In France, to the International from France to the EU + USA, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Iran, Iceland, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Korea South, Mongolia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Saipan, Samoa, Bermuda, Guam (fixed and mobile). Roaming calls made and received within the European Union INCLUDED. Transatel Mobile phone subscriptions: Offer and services mobile telephony, Transatel invites you! Discover our offer and possibilities of mobile telephony. Mobile Phone Packagein Benelux. Global Trader International. French Solution phone mobile plan without roaming (Roming free) in Europa Benelux City Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and later from the Germany, the England UK United-Kingdom. Mobile offers cheaper packages and mobile phone subscriptions for France national and international calling from abroad. Suisse Belgique Luxembourg Pays-bas Hollande Allemagne Angleterre. Zone EU: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom London, England, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania, impatriates.

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