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échanger sa maison pour les vacances est devenue une autre façon de concevoir les vacances, l'hébergement et surtout de pouvoir profiter pleinement de son séjour de la manière la plus économique qui soit !
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Welcome to - Preparing to move to Cyprus


- Company

The Company is called and is owned by Toxan Media Services


- City

The Company is based in Limassol, Cyprus.


-  Please introduce your company? -

The Company, is a website


- Your activities? targets Expats relocating to Cyprus, living in Cyprus, and leaving Cyprus, and the International English speaking community in Cyprus.

We have lot's of information on Cyprus and Business Contacts in English. We also have many free features.


- in which region are you working?

 We are working the UK - Cyprus - UK market, but expanding into other areas of the Eurozone.


- What are the countries with which you develop professional relations?

 We develop professional relationships with countries such as the UK, Cyprus and the Eurozone mainly.


- What is your customers profile? French speaker? International?

Our customer profile is based on Expats living abroad, retirees, business people, working women and the UK based Greek Cypriot population.


-Your services are adapted for the company? The private individual?

Our services are applicable for both the companies and the individual.


- How do you see the evolution of your profession?

We are developing a wide variety of users and from many professions. The internet is growing and so are we with it.


- What is your atoûts in front of the competition?

We are in a strong position with our competition, as we deal with many aspects of the Expat population, the International English speaking community and the Greek Cypriot

community in the UK and Cyprus.


- Does the foreign customer (impatrié, foreign companies)have any interest for you?

Foreign companies interest us, as Cyprus is a tax haven with only a 10% corporation tax system. Many foreign companies are registered in Cyprus.


- Have you a specific product / service for the expatriates? Which one?

Our specific products are information, business contacts and free features.


- are you a Part of a group or a national or international signboard(banner)?

We are not part of a group - banner


- Are you a part of a group or a national or international signboard?

We are not part of a group - signboard


- How big is your network?

Our network reaches all over the world, as we are an internet based company.


- Whith which keywords your readers can find you easily?

Our keywords are cyprus expat cyprus info cyprus business for sale cyprus tourist office


- What kind of informations do we find on your Web site?

Information on Cyprus, Business, Cyprus Culture, Advice, Online Shopping, Property, Translations,


-  Who is it necessary to contact within your company?

Penelope Hearns, Marketing Director 

For more information, Website:

Information expatriates relocating, living or leaving to Cyprus, international community English Chypre, living and leaving to Cyprus, Business on Cyprus, , and the International English speaking community in Cyprus. informations pour les expatriés en déplacement à Chypre, sur Chypre ou vivant à Chypre, et de quitter Chypre, pour les Anglais, la communauté Internationale anglophone à Chypre. informations pour les expatriés vivant en mutaion professionnelle, se déplaçant ou en sortant de Chypre. La communauté internationale de langue anglaise à Chypre relocation

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