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SRSI Portage d'Andorre, l'Ile Maurice et de Tunisie

SRSI Le portage salarial international

Andorra, Mauritius, Tunisia, your service portage Offshre...
to better manage its international tax planning

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SRSI Portage Andorre, Maurice et Tunisie  


SRSI Portage International

Andorre Tunis Portage

Andorra Tunisia expatriates 

Offshore wage bearing

Portage International

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SRSI  : Portage offshore


If you are an engineer, doctor, consultant, data processing specialist, translator, trainer, high level sportsman, and more generally freelance, our wage bearing solution should be of interest to you.

You are eager to test your capability to work on your own account in a simplified law and financial context.
You want to remain in control of your professional evolution.
You wish to develop an activity in complement of your current occupation.
You are retired or pre-retired and wish to profit from an additional income.

Finally, you wish a better balance between your professional life and your personal life.
In all theses cases, you will preserve your autonomy, you will manage your own prospects, trade negotiations and you will be freed from any administrative management tasks, being able to fully concentrate you on your own activity.

We will take care of management of your mission, employment contract, invoicing etc... without forgetting that the geographical establishment of our companies will enable you to profit from particularly favourable tax conditions.

Our experience and our range of partners will allow us to put to you in relation with clients in a variety or very specialized fields of activity.
If you wish to know more about our services and the advantages you could gain, do not hesitate to contact us:

Contact  Cécile Cappeau

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SRSI Portage Andorre, ile Maurice et Tunisie

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