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Cargolution uses a major arsenal of solutions adapted for expeditiong any type of merchandise
Cargolution transporteur air freight on all destinations in the World and return to Canada

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Cargolution Inc

Dorval Montréal, Qc Canada

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Transport de Bagages à l'international depuis le Canada et retour au Canada

Cargolution Inc

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Transport Baggage Company import and shipping Montreal Canada

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Effets personnels  Personnal belonging / Expédition - Shipment / Cargo-Cargo,
Quebec Montréal Qc Canada Dorval Vancouver Toronto, your Cargo solution International destinations . Transport de Bagages vers Les Emirats Arabes et d'effets personnels du Canada. English TRANSITAIRE INTERNATIONAL  International freight forwarder  Excess baggage, forward send away sending unaccompanied baggage, excess luggage, additional bags extra charge for luggage, small removal. Transports suppléments de bagages non accompagnés au départ de votre domicile, envoyer un surplus de valises supplément de valises, Personal effects shipping , ship car, International moving, Send parcels abroad, Parcels shipping , shipping carry on luggages, Express luggages shipping, International movers, ship pboxes. Moving, Removals, Verhuizing, Traslochi, Traslado, Mudança, Umzug. le World Freight Group (WFG) El transporte, el equipaje, el exceso de equipaje, paquetes,   Mezzi di trasporto, bagagli, bagaglio in eccesso, pacchi, Transporte, bagagem, excesso de bagagem, as parcelas, Gepäck, Übergepäck, Pakete. Les destinations internationales continent to Arab Emirates, Départ expatriation du Canada en Amérique du Nord, mobilité Emirats Arabes, mutation vers le Moyen Orient, retour expatriation, impatriation Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Cyprus, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey,United ,   Welcome, go to leave and work , Expats abroad. Relocation , partir vivre et travailler aux Emirats Arabes, expatriation au Emirats Arabes and relocation , expat à l'étranger, expatriés au Canada expatriate in Canada north america, travel jobs, go to leave and work to , Emirats Arabese Expats abroad, Le Moyen-Orient, the Middle-East Arabic, French France françaises Emirats Arabes, Welcome, L'arabe, L'Émirat d'Abu Dhabi , Émirats arabes unis (ÉAU)  Les sept Émirats , Émirien Émirati emiratien emirati émirien emiratis émiriens , bahreini, qatari, koweiti, omani , azeri , bahreïnois, katariote , koweïtien, omanais et azerbaïdjanais , Imara Imarati. Pays  et villes les villages Country Ajman  Abou Dabi Fujaïrah Charjah Dubaï Ras el Khaïmah Oumm al Qaïwaïn Khor Fakkan


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Your clients, suppliers, partners and competitors, who were until recently only a few minutes distance from your business location, are now located at the four corners of the world. Globalization of markets is now a reality and borders are closer than ever. Technologies are evolving at a frenetic clip, increasing the pace of business, which often means that you have to mobilize resources in your field.

Our field is transportation, customs consultation and international logistics.

Cargolution Inc. is an international freight broker specializing in the transportation of goods. Our knowledge greatly surpasses the current industry norms.

Our proactive partnership approach enables us to use our service expertise to the benefit of our clientele, even beyond their borders. Our strategy aims to inform and advise businesses of the various possibilities available in terms of storage, shipping and handling, customs procedures and the costs of existing air, land or sea transportation.

Discover a partner to which you can entrust your logistics challenges !

Personal belongings transportation
When YOU travel !  .....

Are you preparing for a trip overseas or planning to return to Canada?
If so, you are probably looking for a low-cost solution for your excess baggage. Our most recently offered service is the shipping of personal belongings. Cargolution has a depth of knowledge of the requirements related to regulations covering air and sea transportation and of compliance with customs regulations.

Because it is a member of an international network dedicated to the transportation of personal belongings (WBN), Cargolution allows you to benefit from appropriate export and import services.

To ensure your peace of mind, our experts will guide you through the various stages and inform you about:

  • packing and labelling (Identification labels (PDF))
  • restrictions (Banned goods (PDF))
  • documentation (List of goods (PDF))
  • customs formalities
  • fees
  • baggage storage
  • costs for services available (door-to-door, airport-to-airport, etc.).

What is even more interesting is that we offer you complete assistance by taking charge of the declaration of your goods when they arrive.

 Simplify your life by contacting our personal belongings division

to be properly informed about conditions prerequisite to the shipping of your personal belongings.

  ...... We take it personally !

Cargolution Inc.
Transporte tous les effets personnels du Canada vers n'importe quelle destination dans le Monde
We deliver excess luggage, From canada to anywhere in the world and return to Canada .

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