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Cargolution uses a major arsenal of solutions adapted for expeditiong any type of merchandise
Cargolution has brought substantial innovation to the services offered in the importing and exporting of merchandise by air.

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Cargolution Inc

Dorval Montréal, Qc Canada

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Transport de Bagages à l'international depuis le Canada et retour au Canada

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Transport Baggage Company import and shipping Montreal Canada 
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Suppléments de Valises à l'international....


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Your clients, suppliers, partners and competitors, who were until recently only a few minutes distance from your business location, are now located at the four corners of the world. Globalization of markets is now a reality and borders are closer than ever. Technologies are evolving at a frenetic clip, increasing the pace of business, which often means that you have to mobilize resources in your field.

Our field is transportation, customs consultation and international logistics.

Cargolution Inc. is an international freight broker specializing in the transportation of goods. Our knowledge greatly surpasses the current industry norms.

Our proactive partnership approach enables us to use our service expertise to the benefit of our clientele, even beyond their borders. Our strategy aims to inform and advise businesses of the various possibilities available in terms of storage, shipping and handling, customs procedures and the costs of existing air, land or sea transportation.

Discover a partner to which you can entrust your logistics challenges !

AIR FREIGHT   Air transport and air freight, Import and export Montreal

                               Ever higher.

 In response to the demands of its local and international clients, Cargolution has brought substantial innovation to the services offered in the importing and exporting of merchandise by air. Here are some of the solutions :
La Quebec

* Expéditions directes

* Direct expediting (sending)

* Consolidation (grouping)

* Small package service

* Door-to-door service

* Airport-to-airport service

* Service of expediting dangerous or specialized content

* Service of expediting perishable or non-conforming merchandise

* Chartering of cargo planes

* Validation, preparation and obtention of required documents
      (Lta, Letter of Credit, Consular letter, etc.)

* Systematic package follow-up and tracking

* Regular client and middleman communications

* Overseas operations support through our network of partners.


Bearing in mind factors of time and cost, our logisticians determine the best possible routes in view of flight schedules, transit points and the reliability of air freight carriers serving all destinations on all continents.

From the ends of this country to exotic destinations, Cargolution uses the full scope of available air freight solutions.

                                      ... ever farther !

CARGO TRANSPORTATION   Sea transport, freight broker and transportation Montreal

An infinite sea...
 Within the wide range of logistics and transportation services, Cargolution uses a major arsenal of solutions adapted for expeditioning any type of merchandise. With its feet firmly anchored in the practical, the firm offers clients services that include the following:

* Direct expediting (full container load - FCL)

* Consolidations (partial container load - "less container load - LCL)

* Multimodal service (land/railroad/sea)

* Door-to-door servic

* Port-to-port service

* Service of expediting dangerous or specialized goods

* Service of expediting perishable or non-conforming merchandise

* Service of expediting rolling stock (ro-ro)

* Container loading or unloading service

* Validation, preparation and obtention of required documents (Freight bill, Letter of Credit, Consular letter etc.)

* Systematic package follow-up and tracking

* Regular client and middleman communications

* Overseas operations support through our network of partners.


Cargolution is an unquestioned leader within the industry and has attained that position by changing the ways of shipping goods so as to provide client satisfaction.

                            ... of maritime solutions !

Cargolution Inc.
Transporte tous les effets personnels du Canada vers n'importe quelle destination dans le Monde
We deliver excess luggage, From canada to anywhere in the world and return to Canada .

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